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Welcome to Process Mining for Python!

PM4Py is a python library that supports (state-of-the-art) process mining algorithms in python. It is completely open source and intended to be used in both academia and industry projects.

You can always check out (changes to) the source code at the github repo.

If you plan to use PM4Py for scientific research, please include the following citation in your paper:

title={{Process Mining for Python (PM4Py): Bridging the Gap Between Process-and Data Science}},
author={Berti, Alessandro and van Zelst, Sebastiaan J and van der Aalst, Wil},
booktitle={ICPM Demo Track (CEUR 2374)},

A very simple example, to whet your appetite:

from pm4py.algo.discovery.alpha import factory as alpha_miner
from pm4py.objects.log.importer.xes import factory as xes_importer
from pm4py.visualization.petrinet import factory as vis_factory

log = xes_importer.import_log('<path-to-xes-log-file>')
net, initial_marking, final_marking = alpha_miner.apply(log)
gviz = vis_factory.apply(net, initial_marking, final_marking)