50k downloads! ThankPM to everyone

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We are glad to inform that the PM4Py library has reached 50k downloads. This is an important step just after 7 months the first release.

Open-source is our model: easy integration with pre-processing and post-processing steps.

As a Python library, we offer support for several log formats (XES, CSV) stored in different data structures (logs, Pandas dataframes), and some process discovery (Alpha Miner, Inductive Miner Directly-Follows, Heuristics Miner) and conformance checking (alignments, token-based replay).

The PM4Py ecosystem is enriched by the web services (see the official repository https://github.com/pm4py/pm4py-ws ) that permits easy integration of the discovery and conformance checking functions in any application stack.

On top of the web services, an Angular web interface has been built to support process mining analysis. A vast set of filtering possibilities is offered. With a Docker deployment, the web services and the interface could be set-up in less than 10 minutes!