Clicks Recorder

An open-source Clicks Recorder for Windows >= 7, that is runnable in a Python 2.7 environment, is freely available on Github at the address

For the installation, the pywin32 package should be installed from the URL:

And the requirements contained in the requirements.txt file can be installed through (NB: it is only compatible with Python 2.7 and Windows 🙂 )

pip install -U -r requirements.txt

The click recorder can be run through


Output: for each click, a screenshot is saved into the screenshots folder, along with an entry in a CSV file. The name of the CSV file contains the name of the workstation and the name of the user (this in the case of the usage of a centralized repository).

An example of such CSV file can be found at the address

Columns of the CSV file:

pid => the identifier of the process managing the window where the click happens

process_name => the name of the process having such PID

process_exe => the executable path of the process having such PID

classname => the name of the class (inside the process) that manages the window where the click happens

window_id => Window ID (of the window where the click happens)

window_name => Window name

window_position => Window position

window_dimension => Dimensions (width, height) of the window

event_position => Absolute coordinates of the current click

event_position_rel => Relative coordinates of the current click with regards to the position of the window

username => Username of the user that is using the computer

computername => Name of the computer

current_timestamp => Timestamp of the current event

last_screenshot => Screenshot that is associated to the event