PM4Py-WS Exception Handler

PM4Py-WS Exception Handler

An handler that is called from the others when debug information/warnings/error messages need to be logged. In the current version, an handler that uses the default logging in Python is provided. However, support could be easily added for other logging platforms.

The implemented exception handlers are located inside the pm4pyws\requests_logging\versions directory. A factory method is provided in pm4pyws\requests_logging\ in order to retrieve the desidered exception handler. All exception handlers must implement the ”interface” contained in the folder pm4pyws\requests_logging\interface .

By default, the log is found inside the files/error_log directory.

Methods that shall be overriden:

debug(self, msg)

Logs a debug message

Inputs: msg => debug message

Outputs: void


info(self, msg)

Logs an info message

Inputs: msg => info message

Outputs: void


warning(self, msg)

Logs a warning message

Inputs: msg => warning message

Outputs: void


error(self, msg)

Logs an error message

Inputs: msg => error message

Outputs: void