pm4py has been tested successfully on Windows (64/32 bit) and different Linux  environments (both on X86 and ARM32/ARM64). Note that, to be able to use some internally used python libraries, pm4py runs with a 3.6.x version of Python. Some guidance on how to get an environment ready for Windows (64/32 bit), Linux and Mac OS X is provided in this tutorial. We start with the environment setup of windows (containing one part that applies to both 32 and 64 bit architectures, and a separate architecture dependant part). Subsequently, we discuss environment setup for Linux.



Mac OS X

Linux (ARM 32/ARM 64)

If interested, a Docker image (for Mac OS X / Linux) is available on the Docker hub and could be retrieved through the command docker pull javert899/pm4py:latest . It could be run through the command docker run -it javert899/pm4py:latest bash


!! Note: the GPL library ‘cvxopt’ has been removed from the project. cvxopt is up to 10x faster than Google ORTools that is currently used as library. If you need faster alignments, just perform: pip install pm4pycvxopt          ….            and import pm4pycvxopt into your scripts !!