PM4Py-WS Default Session Database

PM4Py-WS Default Session Database

A SQLite database, stored in the users.db file inside the files/databases directory, that is read/written from the default session manager.

If you use the default session handler, you could change the users here (changes to event log visibility, and others, if the default log manager is used, have to be done to the event_logs.db file (inside the files/databases directory).




A table that stores the correspondence between the sessions and the users.


SESSION_ID (TEXT) the ID of the current session associated to an user

USER_ID (TEXT) the corresponding user to the session

CREATION_DATE (TEXT) the creation of the row in the SESSIONS table



A table that saves the credentials of the users.


USER_ID (TEXT) the user name

PASSWORD (TEXT) the password (written by default settings as string)


Security of the passwords:

Passwords are saved by default (the options are changeable in the pm4pyws/ file and in the environments file of the front-end) with the MD5 hashing.

A Python script that takes a plain password and enciphers it as a MD5 string is the script.