PM4Py-WS Installation

PM4Py Web Services installation

—– HOW TO INSTALL THROUGH PIP (web interface not included)

It is enough to perform pip install -U pm4pyws to install the web services without the web interface.

Then, the web services could be run on the desidered logs by preparing a script similar to the included in the repository

The script shall be run in a folder where the “files” directory (as found in the repository) should be there.



The requirements that are found in the file requirements.txt are required for the services.

If these are there, then cloning the project and running the script is enough.

If the interface is needed, then it is necessary to install Node.JS version 10.

The interface submodule could be downloaded through the following commands:

git submodule init

git submodule update

git submodule update –remote –merge

cd webapp2

git checkout master

git pull

After that, the following command shall be provided in order to install AngularJS as NPM package

npm install -g @angular/cli

npm install -g @angular/material

Then, it is necessary to enter the webapp folder of the cloned repository and provide the command:

npm install

To install the dependencies that are required from the project

On Linux machines, also the following could be necessary:

sudo npm install –save-dev –unsafe-perm node-sass

The address of the services shall be indicated inside the webapp\src\enviroments\environment.ts

Then, it is possible to launch the Angular web server (providing the content of the web app) through the command

ng serve


A docker image is made available in the docker hub. The name of the image is javert899/pm4pyws

In order to retrieve such image, the following command can be provided:

docker pull javert899/pm4pyws

After that, in order to run the image, the following command can be provided:

docker run -d -p 80:80 javert899/pm4pyws

And the web interface could be reached at the address