PM4Py-WS quickstart

PM4Py-WS Quickstart

Are you under time pressure?

Set-up a stack of Process Mining web services, configured with the users, the logs, and the permissions in 10 minutes πŸ™‚ (having Anaconda/Miniconda Python 3.6, and a SQLite editor, already available!)

  1. Download PM4Py-WS from Github (1.5 minutes).
  2. Follow the instructions in the “PM4Py-WS Installation” tutorial to get the requirements (2 minutes).
  3. Edit the users.dbΒ inside files/databases according to the “PM4Py-WS Default Session Database” tutorial to set-up the users along with their passwords (2.5 minutes).
  4. Edit the event_logs.db inside files/databases according to the “PM4Py-WS Default Log Database” tutorial to set-up admins, event logs placement, user-log visibility (3.5 minutes).

And launch python !