The pm4py library is a joint effort of the Fraunhofer FIT process mining group and the RWTH Process and Data Science group.


Development Team/Founders:

Alessandro Berti MSc. (Javert89)


Alessandro Berti is a Software Engineer in the PADS team. He is contributor of several parts in PM4Py: Inductive Miner, Token-Based replay, Frequency/Performance Annotation, Pandas Dataframe Management, Filtering Logs/Dataframes, Statistics.

Dr. ir. Sebastiaan van Zelst (s-j-v-zelst)


Sebastiaan van Zelst is a Researcher associated to the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology. He is contributor of several parts in PM4Py: Log management, Petri net management, Alpha Miner, Alignments.

Other contributors:


Name E-mail Main contributions
Majid Rafiei Social Network Analysis ongoing development
Madhavi Shankar Petri net importing/exporting
Marco Pegoraro Documentation, testing
Anja Syring Documentation, testing