Windows (64 bit)

For some dependencies of the project, i.e. ciso8601, you need to have a working Windows C/C++ compiler. We suggest to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 compiler, that available for free through the following link:

Microsoft Visual Studio

During installation, it is vital to install all C++ related development tools. Note that this leads to a big download, i.e. around 6GB.

Moreover, the following additional package is required for the correct functioning of the library:

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019

Moreover, for the purpose of visualization with pm4py, GraphViz installation is required. To install GraphViz, the installer on this page could be used:


After installation, GraphViz is located in the program files directory (on 64 bit systems, it is likely to be located on the x86 program files folder). The bin\ subfolder of the GraphViz directory, e.g. found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.38\bin, needs to be added manually to the system path. For Windows 10, we suggest the following article in order to have an explanation of how to add a new folder to the system path:

Adding a folder to the system path

Windows (64 bit)

For Windows 64 bit, both Anaconda 5.2.0 (containing Python 3.6) and Miniconda 4.5.x (containing Python 3.6) are supported. We suggest installing Miniconda 4.5.4 (Python 3.6.x) as Python distribution. If you have any of these distributions already installed, then it is possible to skip this part of the installation tutorial. If not, then we suggest to set-up Miniconda. Miniconda is a Python distribution focused on data science and machine learning related applications.

Important: the compatibility with successive versions of Python 3.x (for example Python 3.8), or with other Python distributions, or with other versions of Anaconda/Miniconda, is not excluded a priori, but in this installation tutorial we do not support this.

Miniconda 4.5.4 (that is needed if no other Python distributions are installed) could be retrieved using the following link:

Miniconda with Python 3.6.x

During the installation of the Miniconda distribution, it is important to select the addition of Miniconda Python to the system path option. This allows us to get easy access to Python from the command line / Powershell.

In order to install PM4Py and its dependencies, the following command could be provided:

pip install pm4py

!! Note: the GPL library ‘cvxopt’ has been removed from the project. cvxopt is up to 10x faster than Google ORTools that is currently used as library. If you need faster alignments, just perform: pip install pm4pycvxopt          ….            and import pm4pycvxopt into your scripts !!